Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Ashanti McKnight (Matteson, Ill.)

Date: August 3, 2011

Ombudsman was the best choice for me. In my freshman year of high school, I was very careless. I felt as if the transition from junior high to high school was much easier than I had expected.

I began to take advantage of the situation and started behaving recklessly. I was then dropped from school due to behavioral and academic failure. I then realized it wasn’t as minor of a situation that I made it out to be.

Sophomore year I was sent to night school where everything was completely distracting for me. I made small improvements, but still wasn’t doing what I should have been.

The following year, they gave my my final two options. I had a choice between Ombudsman or my GED. I really didn’t want to come to Ombudsman, but would do whatever it took to avoid getting a GED.

Ombudsman really changed my thoughts about alternative programs. I’ve learned to be more independent, self- confident, and even less talkative. Ombudsman helped my improve in math, my least favorite subject. Now I can honestly say I know alot more about math than before.

This program isn’t for kids that are bad or abnormal. Ombudsman is for kids that need a different learning environment or just a second chance.

I enjoyed the one-on-one attention, a quiet, comfortable learning environment, and a flexible time schudule at Ombudsman. This program has really helped me calm down and behave more maturely. I actually learn the work at Ombudsman.

Since I can learn and work at my own pace and receive great help, it makes it much easier to understand. I believe Ombudsman was the right way for me because I am able to do what I was once told I couldn’t do and that is to graduate with my class.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have completed high school at Ombudsman. I was blessed with wonderful, helpful, and understanding teachers. I received all of the help and attention I needed. I was able to graduate on time, and most importantly, I was able to learn.

I will soon be attending college in the fall and finding my path in life.

Thank you Mrs. G, Mrs. M, and Mrs. V.

Thank you Ombudsman.

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