Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Angelica Quezada (Tuscon, Ariz.)

Date: June 8, 2011

Two years ago I would not have imagined myself sitting here pondering about what to write in my graduation speech. I have so many things to say about Ombudsman, it’s hard to put a limit on such thoughts. You see, I attended a total of four high schools during my freshman and sophomore year before enrolling at Ombudsman. When I found Ombudsman, I did not think that I would also find a part of myself that I had forgotten could even exist. When I first started at Ombudsman, I didn’t know what to expect; and I’m sure the staff did not know what to expect from me, either.

The teachers here have always believed in me, even when I didn’t always believe in myself. At the other schools, I would notice how teachers would allow students to slip through the cracks, and I was no exception. On the other hand, at Ombudsman, the teachers do their best to make sure that no one is left behind or forgotten. All of the staff always took the time to recognize the strengths and qualities in me and in others as well. I would like to take a minute to recognize theirs as well. I have always seen Mrs. Stark try her hardest in everything she does, which motivated me to try harder. Miss. G and Ms. Peterson have a way of always smiling and laughing, even though I’m sure that they don’t always feel like doing it; this, in turn, makes me smile and laugh even on bad days. Mrs. Mac has a way of understanding just how I feel when I am frustrated, and with her calming voice she manages to calm me down with patience and understanding. Mr. B has always said that the number one rule in the universe is to never panic. I will remember these words in situations when I begin to feel a sense of panic taking over, like right before presenting a graduation speech.

Last, but certainly not least, Ms. Seal…to Ms. Seal failure is not an option and the sky is the limit. Together these teachers have all made my experience here at Ombudsman one that I will carry with me today and always. I will not only look back at my time here as a pleasant experience, but I will also look back with thankfulness for the parts these teachers all played in helping me become who I am today and who I will continue to become in the future. I leave here today with a thankful heart. Thank you.

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