Operation Graduation 2010 Essay: Salina Bertolli, Downers Grove, Ill.

Date: June 29, 2010

Ombudsman is a great alternate route for any child that feels they cannot meet their goals at their own high school. Going to Ombudsman saved my life and helped me achieve my goals.

When I was at [my old] high school I didn’t get the help and support I needed to get through school. I struggled all three years I attended there. My school work made me feel overwhelmed and it held me back because I never would finish it. The teachers never helped me, and when I’d ask for help, they would get mad at me for not knowing it.

When my counselor finally told me that there was a school I could go to but I might need two years of it to graduate I was a little happier. [My old school] told me that it would take me another four years to graduate from there and I didn’t want to deal with that again.

Ombudsman’s opportunity saved me because my teachers and counselor were encouraging me to DROP OUT! I came really close to signing the papers until my mom stepped in and said NO!

The day I came to Ombudsman I immediately liked the school. The small size made me feel comfortable. When they explained that my work would be on my own I was happy because I could go at my own pace and finish on my own time. Everyone was quiet and did their work separately and I liked that.

Ombudsman helped me achieve my goals and graduate in one year instead of two. I’m glad I was able to get all of my work finished. I believe I improved a lot while being here. I learned way more than I did my three years at [my old school].

Ombudsman saved my life and had a great effect on my way of looking at things. I know now that I can be what I want. When I’m done here I am going to a two year college then to a four year one to pursue a career in Library Science. I am truly proud of myself and glad that I made it to graduation!

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