Debbie Fitzgerald Celebrates 25 Years with Ombudsman

Date: June 8, 2012

Debbie has been a very important part of the Ombudsman organization for a long time.  I have worked with her for 20 years and we always work well together.  We are also good friends outside of work.  She is completely dedicated to the students and very adaptive to the changes that have been made.   She continues to work hard and is dedicated to the program.  Many of the students, who have graduated, return to the center to visit, update us on their lives and express their appreciation for her consistent push for them to finish the program.  I am proud to work with Deb. She is a good friend, caring teacher and dedicated employee.
-Lisa Petty, coworker

I started my Ombudsman career with Debbie Fitzgerald.  She was my first center director and she taught me much.  She is caring, dependable and a very hard worker.  She would stay in the center after hours with no complaint to finish up paperwork, type progress reports, talk with parents or district contacts.  She taught me the administrative responsibilities to the point I was called Jr. Fitz because she knew if she was away from the center I would take care of the paperwork in her absence.  She is a compassionate teacher; she really cares about what is right for kids!  She is a good friend, a friendly talker and she always has a story to tell. She was around when Ombudsman used the Apple 2 C computers with floppy disks, when we attendance and progress reports were typed on a typewriter and when students were assigned VHS videos on programs.  Congrats Deb to 25 wonderful years with Ombudsman; and here’s to 25 more!
-Nicole Walker, OM

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