An Ombudsman student success story; a mother’s perspective (Phoenix)

Date: March 25, 2014

I am the mother of a student who graduated from Ombudsman in the Northwest area of Phoenix about 10 years ago. I happened upon your Facebook page and thought I would take a moment to relate how very grateful I am that Ombudsman was available for my daughter at a pretty unstable time in her life.

As is the case with many adolescents, my daughter was an intelligent, popular yet unmotivated student. We started having difficulty with her in the 7th grade, not doing homework and simply not caring about school. By 8th grade, I had taken her out of public school and sent her to Catholic school where she was equally unsuccessful.

I sent her to several other schools, trying to find a place where she would do the work which showcased her intelligence but everywhere she went, she just didn’t do the work. She didn’t have “behavioral” problems so alternative schools didn’t seem appropriate however, by her junior year, with very few credits,

I sent her to Ombudsman with little hope she would finish despite how smart she was. Her instructor, Mr. Weller, believed in her, cared about her, and she felt it. She started slow but soon was completing lessons daily and actually finished high school on time. She applied for and was accepted at NAU with several classmates from public school.

She currently works with children with special needs while finishing her MA in early Education. Despite her rocky adolescent years, at 28, she is a wonderful, warm, caring, and successful woman. She is married, owns a beautiful home in the Northwest valley, and is a “mom” to two high-energy dogs! I am very happy that I chose to send my daughter to Ombudsman, a true Quality School.

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