What to Expect

Who are Ombudsman Students?
Ombudsman students are just like you. Some students have personal, social, learning, family and environmental challenges that make it harder for them to be successful in a traditional classroom setting. Some have dropped out and want to return to earn a high school diploma.

Many students come to Ombudsman because they:

  • Support family members financially
  • Work full-time
  • Transferred to a new schools and lost credits
  • Are managing medical conditions
  • Have a baby
  • Have social anxiety disorders
  • Have a learning disability
  • Experience difficulty concentrating in large classroom settings

Learning Environment

Students work in a welcoming, safe and technology-rich setting and receive one-on-one attention from caring teachers. Students develop strong relationships with Ombudsman teachers, which is vital to helping them achieve high levels of academic, social and behavioral growth.

Our blended learning approach allows teachers to include technology into their work with individual students and small groups. As a result, students and teachers develop richer, deeper positive interactions and students develop self-confidence. Flexible sessions allow time for family, friends, work and school.

College- and Career-Ready
We help every student explore academic and career pathways and develop a plan for life after high school. Internships, job shadowing, college fairs, career days and counselors will introduce you to a wide range of opportunities.

Student Success
Each year, Ombudsman helps thousands of students stay or get back on track to earning a high school diploma. Regardless of the reason they attend, 83 percent of middle and high school students successfully complete their enrollment at Ombudsman, graduate or return to their district school closer to or at grade level.

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