For Families

The decision made by a middle or high school student to return to or stay in school has a profound impact on the family. Ombudsman recognizes the important role of families in a student’s life and includes them in its dropout prevention and recovery program.

Family Support
Ombudsman includes families in the process to help at-risk middle and high school students graduate. No matter what kind of family structure surrounds a student—single parent household, teen pregnancy, grandparent head of household—Ombudsman works with each situation to support students in their journey toward graduation. Parents, grandparents and guardians want their children and grandchildren to be successful. Ombudsman works to incorporate family encouragement into its instruction and support.

Some students must work independently to achieve their goals. Ombudsman provides those students with the emotional and social support they need to succeed, as well.

Staying Involved
Upon school referral or enrollment, students and their families attend intake appointments so they all can learn what Ombudsman can do for them and what is required throughout the program. Involving parents and students in this decision-making process is the first step toward changing old patterns. Ombudsman instructors work to create an environment of success by working closely with school administrators and family members.

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