How to Enroll

Ombudsman offers students a flexible schedule, personalized and differentiated instruction to help them get back on track to earn a high school diploma. In most cases, students are referred to Ombudsman by their school district, although families may choose to enroll students on an independent basis using a private enrollment option.

Students may enroll free of charge at any Ombudsman dropout recovery and charter school location that is geographically accessible.

School District Programs
School districts refer students to Ombudsman using criteria developed to identify students who will benefit from the program. When a student is referred, an intake appointment is scheduled with both the student and the parent(s) or guardian(s) to involve the entire family in the student’s learning experience. While attending Ombudsman, students remain enrolled in their referring school districts.

Private Pay
Students have the option of enrolling in Ombudsman as private-pay students and pay for the program at a cost determined by the individual learning center or its affiliated school district.

Charter Schools
Ombudsman operates charter schools throughout Arizona. Charter schools are funded by the state, so students attend free of charge. Students can enroll in any Ombudsman Charter School that is geographically accessible. To apply to one of our charter schools, fill out the 15/16 Charter Application Form, the 16/17 Application formor call (602) 840-2997.

Dropout Recovery Centers
Ombudsman partners with public school districts to operate alternative learning and dropout recovery centers. Ombudsman centers are funded by the school district, and students attend free of charge. To apply to one of our Ombudsman Chicago centers, fill out the Online Application Form or call (312) 806-9022.

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