Proviso Students Use Survey to Study Bullying (Proviso, Ill.)

Date: April 25, 2011

Be Cool, Not Cruel:  Anti-Bullying Initiative

As part of the ongoing anti- bullying campaign at Ombudsman Proviso, students took part in a survey aimed at seeing how bullying affects them personally.

The survey results provided some interesting insights and comments:

Define bullying:

  • One student “picking” on another (35%)
  • Name-calling
  • Giving dirty looks
  • Intimidation
  • Mistreating a person who is weaker or in a more vulnerable position

What is your personal experience with bullying?

  • I have witnessed bullying/been a bystander (60%)
  • I have been bullied (20%)
  • I have bullied others (20%)

Where does bullying most often take place?

  • School (83 %)
  • Neighborhood
  • Home

Where does school bullying most often take place?

  • Hallway (73.5 %)
  • Locker room (55.9 %)
  • Tied for third: Cafeteria/Restroom (52.9 %)

Students felt these areas within a school provided bullies the most protection from being observed by staff because of the high level of activity and crowded nature of these areas.

When asked about bullying at Ombudsman, students reported no incidents in the center. When asked why students thought bullying did not occur in their center, they listed the primary reason as the relatively small number of students and high staff-to-student ratio.

While not intended to be scientific in nature, this survey has produced meaningful results.

Learning most students consider themselves bystanders to bullying activity is valuable and actionable for our staff. With this information in hand, future class meetings will focus on developing strategies and skills that students can use to keep from empowering bullies and ways to help other students from being bullied.

Be Cool – Show You Are Part of the Solution!

Anti-bullying bracelets on wristsShow your support of our anti-bullying initiative by wearing your very own “Be Cool, Not Cruel” wristband.

These purple wristbands are available for only $1 from any Ombudsman Proviso staff member. Proceeds will be collected as part of the fundraising effort of this year’s initiative and donated to one of the nation’s leading providers of youth crisis and suicide prevention.

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