Operation Graduation: Kendall Barnett (Athens, Ala.)

Date: May 18, 2011

My name is Kendall Barnett and I am an Ombudsman student. I would not be getting my diploma without this great place and my incredibly nice and encouraging teachers. I’m writing this story to explain why I’m here and my experience being here.

I came here last year, because I was in ninth grade. If I did not come to Ombudsman I would not be successful at graduating. Last year I was supposed to be in eleventh.  If I had stayed at [my old] High School I would still be in ninth grade and possibly would have quit if I had to remain in school for three more years.

I am really thinking hard and seriously about my future goals. I want to keep receiving my education even after I graduate. Before I came to Ombudsman I just wanted to get out of school and never thought about getting a college education. I’m not sure of what I want to be, I’m thinking about being in the medical field or even getting my cosmetology license as well.

I feel like I’ve been very successful these last two years of being at Ombudsman. My first sight of being successful is when my teacher handed me my cap and gown and sending out graduation invitations. That made me realize I am really doing this. I would have never done this without my wonderful, caring, and encouraging teachers. Every one of them pushed me all the way through this and made me realize that I can do anything.

I love Ombudsman. This school has helped me accomplish so many things. It’s made me believe in myself and have confidence at knowing I can succeed at anything I put my mind to. Ombudsman has brought me from ninth grade to twelfth grade in two years and it has been a very wonderful two years. It has even made me think about my future and setting more goals.

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