Operation Graduation 2014 Essay: Torye Parker (Gordon, Ga.)

Date: May 1, 2014

Torye ParkerMy name is Torye Parker. I started attending Ombudsman the second semester of my senior year. The reason is because I failed the Georgia High School Graduation Test. In Georgia, their is a law that states all students going to school in Georgia must pass the graduation test as well as the writing test. After I took the test, I than got diagnosed with test anxiety and Attention Deficit Disorder.

I like how quiet it is here. Since I have ADD I can now focus a lot better. At High School, I couldn’t hardly focus because of that my grades were C’s and B’s. Ever since I enrolled at Ombudsman, my grades changed drastically to all A’s. I also like how the teachers are always walking around, answering questions and asking us if we need help on anything. The teachers aren’t like the teacher at the High School. Here at Ombudsman, they don’t judge you on why you’re here; they just help you get where you’d like to be in your future.

After I graduate, I will be attending Georgia Northwestern Technical College in the Fall of 2014. There I will be doing my core classes. While I’m in school, I will be transferring to Armstrong Atlantic State University. There, I will be starting my career of becoming a Marine Biologist. I’ve also started becoming a certified scuba diver, just so I will be one step into my career. I would never have these opportunities if it wasn’t for Ombudsman. Thank you for all you’ve done to making my dreams come true.

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