Life After Ombudsman | Top 5 Questions for the Recruiter

Date: July 2, 2012

At this point in your career selection journey, maybe you’ve decided that one of the military branches is just for you. If that’s the case, then you need to start to get as much information as you can about what it takes to enlist and what you can expect. A great place to start is a sit down with the recruiter for your area.

Here are some questions that you might want to ask:

1. What is the enlistment commitment?

Commitments and benefits may vary. You definitely want to make sure that you receive a clear answer to this question. This should also appear on your enlistment documentation. Whatever is on the paperwork you sign, will overrule anything that is said during your interview. Be sure to examine anything you sign carefully.

2. What score do I need on the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery)?

Some career fields within the Military require certain scores on the ASVAB. Your recruiter will be able to let you know the most current minimum scores required for certain roles. Be sure to get that information, before you leave this meeting.

3.  What type of pay can I expect?

Base pay and benefits are  pretty consistent across the board, but often travel, job flexibility, availability, and promotion rate packages will vary. Take a look at a past pay chart to give you a basic idea of your possible pay. Be sure to find out those areas where the salaries differ during this meeting and compare to other branches, if you have not chosen  a military branch.

4. What is Basic Training Like?

The experience will be different based on the branch in which you want to enlist.

Army Boot Camp: Approximately a 10Week  program at various locations based on your role.

Marine Corps Training: This 12 week training takes place either in Parris Island, South Carolina or San Diego, California.

Navy Basic Training: This program can take 8 weeks at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Il.

Air Force Basic Training:  Approximately 8 week program at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

Coast Guard Training: 8 week program taking place in Cape May, NJ.

5. What is my next step?

Be sure not to walk away from this meeting, without a next step plan. The recruiter will have no problem putting together a road map of sorts to guide you through all the steps of the process. It also wouldn’t hurt to see if the recruiter would be willing to write down the answers to any of your questions, to give you something to review during your decision making process.

For more ideas on questions to ask your recruiter, Click here.

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