Date: January 4, 2010

We are excited to launch this blog as a way to share information about the subject that is our passion: helping non-traditional students succeed.

When I was a social worker, I saw children subjected to (and caught up in) terrible and dysfunctional situations – drug and alcohol abuse, physical and sexual abuse, neglect and abandonment. I really felt like I had nothing in my “toolkit” that would help them get on a path to long-term success. The systems intended to assist them were overwhelmed and floundering. Social workers like me were performing triage, not real prevention or intervention.

Unfortunately, many of these children ended up in correctional institutions or long-term residential settings far from family or community support. When I visited them in these settings, it struck me that I rarely met a high school graduate behind bars.

I was spending all my time trying to combat huge, complex social issues without much success. What if the answer was simply to make sure that kids whose life circumstances put them at a distinct disadvantage had a real opportunity to earn a high school diploma?

This simple and affordable solution couldn’t “fix” their problems, but could anything else go so far to help them overcome these problems and seize control of their lives? I think not. That is why helping non-traditional students earn a high school diploma is my passion and our organization’s mission. On this blog, we’ll talk about ways to educate children who are at-risk. I hope that you will find it helpful and informative, and I invite you to participate in this conversation.

Categories: Alternative Education, News
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