Ombudsman celebrates National Teacher Week

Date: May 11, 2012

In honor of National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week, Ombudsman Chief Operating Officer Allison O’Neill recognized all Ombudsman teachers and staff with a keepsake and the following letter. We are grateful for our dedicated staff members and proud to share this letter of recognition:

This year alone, Ombudsman has educated more than 11,000 students across the nation. For this reason, we would like to express our sincerest thanks and gratitude to you, our dedicated teachers, for helping us educate students at risk of dropping out or not graduating.

The observance of Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-11, 2012, serves to increase community understanding, appreciation and support of our nation’s educators. National Teacher Day is celebrated Tuesday, May 8, 2012.

Since 1975, Ombudsman has been fortunate to have dedicated and passionate teachers and staff who commit their time and effort to help students who are disengaged from the learning process realize their potential and achieve success. You are the ones who build the relationship with our students and help them realize they are smart, they can learn, and they can achieve their goals. It is through your commitment to educating our students, delivering quality programs, and producing measurable results that Ombudsman and ESA will grow to be able to serve even more students next year who would otherwise drop out of school.

We realize that although it is not always easy, your role is one that is truly appreciated by students, families, districts, communities, and certainly the Ombudsman and ESA family – just attend any of the graduation ceremonies that will be celebrated in the next few weeks!

This is a very exciting time to be part of an organization such as Ombudsman and ESA. The opportunities available to both staff and students continue to grow. We would like to express our gratitude for your commitment and service by presenting you with a small token of our appreciation.

Thank you again for investing in the future of our students and communities. It is because of you, our teachers, that Ombudsman has the opportunity to provide quality educational services to students in need of an alternate route to a high school diploma.

With sincerest gratitude,

Allison O’Neill

Chief Operating Officer

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