Students Explore Climate Change (Powder Springs, Ga.)

Date: March 6, 2012

Mike Roberts, an Air Quality Specialist with the Federal Highway Administration, gave an informative presentation on climate change to the Environmental Science students at the Powder Springs, Ga., center. Mr. Roberts is regarded as an expert in his field and travels throughout the country sharing his knowledge regarding air quality, thus helping to make important decisions on transportation projects and funding.

As the Powder Springs students completed a course of study on climate change, Mr. Roberts shared his expertise on the specifics of the term “climate change,” the causes of climate change, and the impact and effects of climate change on the earth. The students were surprised to hear that many of their everyday routines, including breathing, can have adverse effects on the climate.

Students were extremely engaged in the discussion and they asked insightful questions. With the guidance of Mr. Roberts, students were able to create a list of ways in which they may be able to reduce some of the negative effects of climate change to share with other students and their families.

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