Student Stories: In Their Own Words with Isabella Sprague

Date: April 27, 2010

Isabella SpragueA time when life led me down a different path from the one I would have chosen.

Over the past few years, I’ve switched schools many times. However, it seemed no matter what school I went to I would always get into trouble. Finally, I decided it was best for me to stop attending school altogether. That is until I found Ombudsman. Ombudsman has taught me to concentrate, prepare for college, and that their school has better methods than any school I had recently attended.

Ever since I started Ombudsman I have been concentrating more. Although at home I cannot concentrate enough to complete homework, this is not a problem anymore because my new school doesn’t assign homework. I have also learned that during class, schoolwork is more important than friends. Another improvement I’ve noticed is that, since I’m working by myself, other students aren’t distracting me.

At Ombudsman I have learned to prepare for college. I have a lot to make up for failing classes last year, which is easy to do at this school as long as I attend everyday and do all my work. Also I haven’t been getting into as much trouble. Keeping a good record will ensure my chances of being accepted into college, which I have been learning about at school. I feel that Ombudsman encourages more students to finish high school and shows them that it isn’t hard to go to college and succeed.

Ombudsman Charter School has proven to have better methods than the other schools I’ve been to. Being able to work at my own level lets me get my work done faster and better. Having smaller classes also helps because I don’t do well in large groups. Another good thing about Ombudsman is that it’s only four hours a day. The most common reason I didn’t go to school is because I didn’t want to be there that long. Also if you have an appointment or something during your session, you could just attend during the other session. Therefore you don’t have to miss any school time and you could achieve your goals.

Six months ago I was determined that it would be easier to get my GED than to finish school. None of the many schools I had gone to before had worked for me, so I gave up hope. When I discovered Ombudsman though, my opportunities reopened. This school has helped me concentrate more, prepare myself for college, and has proven that their school has better methods than any school I’ve gone to previously. I am more determined now to finish high school than ever before.

-Isabella Sprague

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