Student Stories: Cole Clifton (Lafayette, Ga.)

Date: May 10, 2011

Hello. My name is Cole Clifton and I am eighteen years old. I am currently a junior and attending my first year of Ombudsman. Ombudsman provides a great learning facility where it is easier to focus and learn.

Before Ombudsman, I felt hopeless and lost. Now that I attend this school, I have my confidence back.

[Traditional] high school has too many distractions. There are way too many teens that want to get in the way of someone’s education.

At [my regular] high school, teachers don’t seem concerned. Here at Ombudsman, staff members are always willing to help and always seem concerned. Being in a smaller class keeps me from being distracted by disruptions.

Here at Ombudsman, I feel as if I can do more with my life because Ombdusman has given me hope. Ombudsman is less stressful than going to [a traditional] high school. At the high school, you come to school to see your friends, talk and learn. Here at Ombudsman, I am here to earn my credits and graduate.

Ever since I have been here at Ombudsman, I feel like I have become more independent and I learned on my own how important an education really is. Maybe Ombudsman is the light that I need to be able to shine.

Ombudsman has made me into a better person. I am glad the changes Ombudsman has made in my life. Thanks to Ombudsman, I can see a future in my life. I have gained the confidence and motivation I need to be able to graduate and start my fulfilling life.

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