Student Spotlight: Sylvester Anderson (Proviso, Ill.)

Date: November 14, 2011

Sylvester is a sophomore from Proviso West.

OES: You had a somewhat different journey coming to Ombudsman. Tell me a bit about it.
SA: I had some problems at West so I moved to Mississippi to live with my great aunt. I was there for a time but I couldn’t get in to school so I came back. I was able to get in touch with Dr. Collins-Hart. She told me about Ombudsman. She said it was a school that would help me get back on track. She said I could work independently.

OES: Before you actually enrolled, you came for a visit. What were you looking for?
SA: My brothers had been in an alternative school. It wasn’t very good. We knew about Ombudsman because my sister-in-law went to the one in Naperville.

OES: Even with a visit prior to enrolling and a family member who had been a student, I’m sure there were things you didn’t expect.
SA: Yes. I thought there would be more students and different classrooms. We don’t move to different classes.

OES: You just received your first report card. How did that go?
SA: Great! All A’s and one B. It’s the best report card I ever had. My Mom was calling people to tell them how I had done. I should be able to catch up and be a junior with the rest of my class next year.

OES: I always ask students what they would tell a friend about Ombudsman. What would you say?
SA: I did talk to a friend about this school. He’s having trouble and not passing any of his classes. I told him he could do good here because there are no distractions and you can get help when you need it.


Our Proviso Center is located in Hillside, Ill.

Proviso Center
4413 West Roosevelt Rd., Ste. 101B
Hillside, IL 60162
P (708) 236-5115
F (708) 236-5108

The Ombudsman Proviso center is operated through a partnership with Proviso Township High Schools District 209.

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