Student Profile: Savannah Marie Mayfield (Shreveport, La.)

Date: March 29, 2013

Savannah Marie Mayfield attends the Caddo Parish Ombudsman East Center for credit recovery.

OES: Many students come to us not knowing what to expect. Is the program different than you expected?

SMM: The program is a lot different than what I expected. I assumed it would be the same routine where you sit down and listen to teachers talk for hours and copy notes from a blackboard. The teachers at OES engage with the students and are very attentive.

OES: Do you feel like you have changed since you’ve been here?

SMM: The Ombudsman program has boosted my self-confidence. Before I enrolled at Ombudsman I was very insecure. I was a victim of bullying my whole life. However, now I am surrounded by kids who are like me and have struggles with school and/or their family life. Because we are so concerned with succeeding we don’t have time to judge one another. Everyone is accepting and supportive which has helped me tremendously.

OES: What would you tell one of your peers that is struggling in school about OES?

SMM: Ombudsman is a great opportunity. You can balance family, work and school and you have time to concentrate on other things in life.

OES: What do you hope to do after graduation?

SMM: I want to go to college and do something in the medical field. Maybe a nurse or a vet. I am really interested in helping others.

OES: Any final thoughts?

SMM: My mom was so excited when I decided to enroll in Ombudsman and she is so pleased with my progress.

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