Student Profile: Ricardo Montoya (Hillside, Ill.)

Date: April 15, 2013

Ricardo Montoya is a student from Proviso East.

This is the second year you have been at Ombudsman. Is there anything different?
The program is like a set routine now to me. I know that I’m capable of graduating and I know what times of the day to start on a certain subject. Honestly at first I thought I was wasting my time, but now I’m glad the program worked. I am happy about it.

You are taking nine classes so you can graduate in May. You are always so focused on your work. What keeps you motivated?
I stay motivated by the long walks I take every morning. That time from the second I leave my front door, to the time I’m in front of the Ombudsman center, is full of thoughts and imaginations for my next step in life which is to be successful.

What do you like most at Ombudsman?
I enjoy the small class setting because I would not use and enjoy my time if I had to worry about not getting certain information. I have all I need on a computer screen. Notes is a big thing for me and it helps with the lessons. Good notes gives you a sense of understanding.

What classes are the most challenging and the easiest?
I attribute most of my success in world history, world geography and science because I really favor those due to interest in them. One subject that I plan on working on the rest of my life is math. I am really not the best at it, but I try.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting at Ombudsman?
Stay positive and on track with your days and weeks. Try not to be lazy. It’s a place for work since you couldn’t enjoy a great time in an actual high school. So work hard.

What are your plans after you graduate in May?
I plan on going to Triton College to become an Emergency Medical Technician and help humans. I compose my own music and also want to have a secondary major in music production. One thing is certain… education will always be around me.

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