Student Profile: Nicholas Prehn (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Date: October 1, 2012

Nick is a senior from Westmont High School.

OES:  Nick, you’ve been with us about a month now. Has the program turned out as you expected?

NP: Somewhat. I like being able to work at my own pace. I like the independence too. I also like that I can work on the subjects when I choose.

OES: What is different than you expected?

NP: I thought there would be more people here.

OES: Let’s talk about the work you are doing. Compare what you are doing now to what was required at Westmont. How would they compare?

NP: It seems pretty much the same to me. The difference is the way we work. I like working on the computer. It’s the same work.

OES: Do you have a favorite subject?

NP: Yes, world geography. It’s interesting.

OES: What’s been tough so far this year?

NP: Algebra. But I’m getting there. Mrs. M. helps me.

OES: You’re a senior this year, any thoughts on life after high school.

NP:I want to go to C.O.D. for two years to get the core courses, and then transfer to a university to study Graphic Engineering.

OES: Tell me about graphic engineering.

NP: It’s like web design. It is used to make TV ads.

OES: What would you tell someone about to enroll in our program?

NP: I’d say they should go here because you can work at your own pace and you really have a learning plan that is made just for you.

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