Student Profile: Michael Williams (Savannah, Ga.)

Date: April 19, 2013

Savannah Ombudsman Accelerated Middle School Student Michael Williams

We love hearing from our students and want to share comments we received during recent conversations with Michael Williams from Savannah Ombudsman Accelerated Middle School.

OES: What brought you to OES?

MW: My principal suggested that I try Ombudsman to try to get caught up on my credits.

OES: Many students come to us not knowing what to expect. Is the program different from what you expected?

MW: Yes. Honestly, I was really worried about starting at Ombudsman. I didn’t know what the other students were going to be like and thought it might be a really bad experience but I was completely wrong. I like the program and I am really getting caught up on my credits and my grades are really improving.

OES: What is your favorite subject?

MW: Science, especially biology. I like learning about all the cells we have in our body.

OES: Do you feel like you have changed since you’ve been here?

MW: Yes. I am more focused and I get way more work done every day.

OES: What would you tell one of your peers who is struggling in school about OES?

MW: I would tell them to definitely try it. They will probably get more work done and they won’t get into trouble.

OES: What do your parents think about your progress?

MW: My parents are impressed with my grades and my ability to focus.

OES: What do you hope to do after graduation?

MW: I want to go to college to be an architect or maybe something else in the construction field.

OES: Since you like construction, do you enjoy the construction class offered at your center?

MW: It is a good class. Right now we are building a wooden booth for a church. It is nice to have a class where you can do something you really enjoy.

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