Student Profile: Matt Rech (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Date: April 8, 2013

Matt is a sophomore from District 203.

OES: You were with us last summer taking a course for credit. How does being here full time compare to the summer program?

MR: This is harder. During the summer I only had one class.

OES: You mentioned the work was harder. Compare what you are doing here to the work at your district school.

MR: The work is the same or maybe a little harder here. But I’m doing good. I got 90’s on both of my geometry benchmarks.

OES: What about your other subjects?

MR: I’m in the right block in everything so I feel good about that.

OES: Let’s talk about the staff. Any thoughts?

MR: They help me when I need it and try to keep me focused. I get help in every subject.

OES: How do your parents feel about the program?

MR: They like it because I’m doing better. I feel like I’m going to school for a reason. I’m not going just because I have to.

OES: If you knew someone who was going to come to Ombudsman, what would you tell them?

MR: Well first off, it sounds too good to be true. School for three hours? I can move at my own pace and I can go back and reread something if I need to. It’s also easier for me to concentrate here. There are fewer distractions.

OES: What do you miss about North?

MR: I miss my friends but I still see them after school.

OES: Any final thoughts?

MR: This is a good place for me.

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