Student Profile: Eric Nielsen (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Date: October 4, 2012

Eric is a junior from District 87 / Glenbard West

OES: Eric, it’s nice to have you back. Since you have been with us before, what expectations do you have for the year?

EN: I did well last year. I was falling behind but now I’ve caught up. This school is good for people who need to catch up for some reason.

OES: Why do you think you’ve done so well here?

EN: I like working on the computer. Plus I find it easier to focus when I’m here. There are fewer distractions.

OES: As I recall you are an athlete, but I can’t remember the sports. What are they?

EN: Baseball and basketball.

OES: Which is your favorite?

EN: Baseball.

OES: What position do you play?

EN: Third, first and pitcher.

OES: If you had to pick one, which would it be?

EN: Third base. I’m a good hitter. If I was pitching, there wouldn’t be many at bats.

OES: Do you expect sports to play a part in your life after high school?

EN: Yes, I’ve already been to some showcase camps.

OES: I’m not familiar with the term, can you explain it to me?

EN: They are hosted by one college and other colleges participate. The first day we do drills and the second day is a game.

OES: What do you expect will be your most difficult class this year?

EN: Chemistry.

OES: Finally, if you knew someone who would be joining us, what would you tell them about the program?

EN: I’d say it’s a good place to come if you need to catch up.

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