Student Profile: Bryan Cavazos (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Date: September 26, 2013

Bryan is a senior from District 88.

OES: This is your first full year with us. How are you feeling about this semester so far?

BC: I’m feeling very confident. I feel like I’m going to earn my credits and graduate on time.

OES: Where’s all this new confidence coming from?

BC: It helps that I was here last year. The lessons here get straight to the point. That makes the whole learning process easier.

OES: Do you like working on the computer?

BC: Sometimes it makes my eyes hurt! But I prefer this to sitting in a regular classroom.

OES: Let’s talk about the teachers.

BC: The teachers here are always ready to help. They seem to know when I need help even if I don’t ask for it.

OES: How does your Mom feel about our program?

BC: She’s happy that I’m here. Now I’m actually waking up for school. My attendance is steady now. It wasn’t before.

OES: What’s the hardest class you have this semester?

BC: Biology.

OES: What about a favorite?

BC: At the very beginning of the year it was art. But now I really enjoy English. I’m really beginning to enjoy writing. I put my mind and my passion into everything I write now.

OES: What plans do you have for after high school?

BC: I want to go to college to get a culinary degree. I already have a job in a local restaurant. I started over the summer washing dishes. Now I spend some time doing prep work too. Soon I’ll be doing just prep work.

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