Student Profile: Ben Earnst (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Date: April 3, 2013

Ben is a sophomore  from District 87.

OES: Ben, try and think back to before you started attending Ombudsman. Is the experience different from what you expected.

BE: No, it’s pretty much just what I expected it would be.

OES: Any differences at all?

BE: I didn’t think we would all be together. I didn’t think that would work but it’s okay. It works especially when you raise your hand when you need help.

OES: Compare the work you are doing with us to what you were doing at your home school.

BE: It’s the same. The big difference is using computers more.

OES: How do you like computeraided instruction?

BE: I like working at my own pace. I can take longer on something if I don’t get it.

OES: Let’s talk about the teachers. Do you get the attention you need.

BE: Yes. They’re pretty helpful, mostly in math and reading.

OES: How do your parents feel about the program.

BE: They really liked my last report card.

OES: How did you feel about it?

BE: I really liked it too.

OES: What would you tell someone who was about to start the program about OES?

BE: I’d tell them to come here. It’s more relaxed than regular school and there is a good work environment. Having all your work in a syllabus is easy to follow and helps keep you on track. Having all the assignments right there is a benefit.

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