Public Speaker Inspires Students to Achieve (Sioux Falls)

Date: September 16, 2016

Written by Brad Mallory

Students in Sioux Falls are learning a valuable lesson about education and achievement. A Washington High School alum is speaking to students in district, and wants to inspire the young men and women to reach their goals.

Actions speak louder than words. That is a big message from Wilson Kubwayo. Growing up in extreme poverty, and having to spend 10 years living in the refugee camp were both challenges he faced.

“I did not give up. I did not,” Kubwayo said.

Now a public speaker, his mission is to tell his story. That is what he is showing students with the Presidents Academy and Joe Foss Alternative School. His message has already reached 19-year-old Kwizera Ezekiel.

“I was very inspired by him,” Ezekiel said.

Inspiration lit up a dark time in Ezekiel’s life. He recently dropped out of high school after one of his friends died.

“It was really hard to continue, you know, to keep going,” Ezekiel said.

Personal tragedy may have been a detour, but Ezekiel says Kubwayo’s example helped him pave a new path. He is now taking classes at the Presidents Academy to finish up his high school education.

Ezekiel: “Without a diploma or without the key to the doors, you cannot pass through there. You know? You’ve got to keep going.”
Brady: “You’re glad that you are?”
Ezekiel: “Yes. Yes, I’m glad I’m here today.”

The message here is act while you can.

“You’re not guaranteed to live for tomorrow. My whole presentation is about living life to the full potential no matter what circumstances you might be going through,”

Those are words to live by.

Source: Keloland TV

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