Proviso Center News – October 2011 (Proviso, Ill.)

Date: October 12, 2011

Student Spotlight: Richard Evans

This month we are speaking with Proviso West senior Richard Evans.

OES: It’s always interesting to hear what you thought Ombudsman would be like before you enrolled. What was your perception?
RE: I heard it was a computer school, but you do all the same work as Proviso West [High School].

OES: What are some of the aspects you like about the program?
RE: I have always been a good student. I thought the work might be easy, but it’s not. It’s very challenging.

OES: What’s the most challenging subject?
RE: English and Reading Plus. Reading Plus keeps pushing. It wants you to keep reading faster and have better comprehension.

OES: What’s the favorite thing you are working on now?
RE: Sports 1.

OES: Something tells me you’re almost finished with that.
RE: (Laughing) Yes, I am.

OES: Now that you have been with us for a few weeks, what does your father think about the program?
RE: He likes it. He thinks it’s cool.

OES: Let’s talk about the teachers. What has your experience been?
RE: They’re cool. They help you a lot. I get more help from Mr. G because his desk is near mine.

OES: With a three-hour school day you have some free time. How are you spending your time away from school?

RE: I’ve been working at Target since June.

OES: What are your duties there?
RE: I do a little of everything. I’m all over the place.

OES: Finally, if you knew someone who was about to join our program, what would you tell them?
RE: Come! It’s the same work we have at school but there are fewer people around and it’s easier to focus and do your work.


Welcome New Students
Xavier Richardson
Kendrae Johnson
Sylvester Anderson
Estaban Ortega
Andrew Favors

Reading Plus Level Awards

Diamond Bailey (Two Levels!)
Daberry Young
Demetrius Lamar
Kyahra Feliciano (Two Levels!)
Damian Cabrera  

Perfect Attendance
Sylvester Anderson
Richard Evans
Andrew FavorsKyahra Feliciano
Marcus Grant
Jashelle Jackson
Kendrae Johnson
Esteban Ortega
Terril Powell

Perfect Attendance (cont.)
Brandon Pulliam
Xavier Richardson
Daberry Young
Shantiara Young 

90% + Attendance
Diamond Bailey
Joshua Barnes
Benesha Butler
Damina Cabrera
Terrance Powell
Devante Scott
Anthony Williams

LEXIA Reading Level Awards
Brandon Malone
Jashelle Jackson
Jihad Harris
Chauncey Cannon
Damian Cabrera
Marcus Grant
Brandon Pulliam

Special Recognition
Diamond Bailey is the first student attending the Proviso center to increase THREE reading levels in Reading Plus.

Way to go Diamond!

Bring Your Parent to School Day

On Tuesday, October 4, parents are invited to join their students at the center for Bring Your Parents to School day.

This is a great opportunity to see first hand how the program works and get a feel for how you’re your student spends his or her day.

Report Cards / Conferences

The first quarter ends on October 14. Report cards will be reviewed with students at the center and parents can expect to receive report cards in the mail.

Conferences will be held in the center on Thursday, October 27. Report cards can also be picked up at this time.

If you would like to arrange a conference in the center please call (708)236-5115 or send an email to

KeyboardOmbudsman provides an opportunity for all students, regardless of referral reason, including students who may have had significant academic, attendance or behavioral issues in the past. With Ombudsman’s approach to education and student motivation, students who have previously been unsuccessful, experience success and report confidence for the first time.

Our students may have been labeled ‘at risk’ but they are actually risk takers. At Ombudsman it is our job to help students take risks and change previous patterns of behavior and make positive choices.

“Although quality may be a hard concept to define, most of us recognize it when we see it. (Glasser, The Quality School 1990)”

Save the Date

4 – Bring your parent to school day.
10 – Columbus Day
14 – End of First Quarter
27 – P/T Conferences & Report Card pick-up  

11 – Veteran’s Day
23 – Non Attendance Day
24 – Thanksgiving Day
25 – Holiday

21 – Winter Break Begins

4 Sessions resume
7 P/T conferences
22 Non-attendance day
27-28 all school testing

20 – President’s Day  

5 – Pulaski Day
13 – 3rd Quarter Ends
22 – P/T conferences
26 – Spring Break Begins

2 – School resumes
25/26 – All-school testing

25 – Last day of school
(No emergency days)

TBA – Last day of school
(With emergency days)


Our Proviso Center is located in Hillside, Ill.

Proviso Center
4413 West Roosevelt Rd., Ste. 101B
Hillside, IL 60162
P (708) 236-5115
F (708) 236-5108

The Ombudsman Proviso center is operated through a partnership with Proviso Township High Schools District 209.

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