Philadelphia center honors mid-year graduates

Date: April 30, 2012

On February 24, nine seniors representing Ombudsman Northwest Accelerated proudly walked across the stage at Benjamin Franklin High School to receive their diploma. Behind the cap and gowns were many months and even years of hard work and determination to overcome various roadblocks that stood in their way.

Despite budget deficits and school closings, most of the seniors took multiple buses and traveled from all corners of Philadelphia to arrive on time for school on a daily basis. While in school, they served as positive role models to their peers, often helping staff head community events and attending college workshops.

When asked to reflect upon the concept of life after Ombudsman, the students responded with prospects of becoming productive citizens in their communities.

All of the seniors applied to the Community College of Philadelphia and four plan to attend in the fall with majors in business, health and technology. Two of the seniors will begin studying at Empire Beauty School in March. Another student is attending Valley Forge Military Academy and College to prepare for a career in the United States Armed Forces.

Students left Ombudsman with a sense of accomplishment and pride that, although they took the road less traveled, they are entering the world with the tools needed to sustain themselves and carry on the positive characteristics they developed at the center.     

About Northwest Accelerated

The Ombudsman Northwest Accelerated center is operated through a partnership with The School District of Philadelphia’s Academic Division 4: Alternative Education Accelerated Programs. Accelerated programs are a school option for students to get back on track and earn credits towards graduation in less than three years. Students who wish to enroll in an accelerated program should contact the Re-Engagement Center.

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