Operation Graduation 2013: Desi Davis (Savannah, Ga.)

Date: July 9, 2013

My name is Desi. I am eighteen and in the 12th grade. I attend Ombudsman Alternative Center. I will be graduating from high school in a few weeks. The day is finally arriving.

I did not realize when I was in first grade what graduation was really all about. Better yet know what it was. But as the years passed, I realized how important graduation was and what I had to do to accomplish it. In middle school, I started getting into a lot trouble from rebelling. I got put out of school in the seventh grade.

My high school years were very turbulent. My behavior got me sent to Scott Alternative School. On my second day there, I was arrested for bringing a gun to school. I spent three months in McIntosh Detention Center. After attending private school and returning to public school, where I got put out again, I finally came to Ombudsman.

While at Ombudsman, I decided that I wanted to graduate. Now I am weeks away from graduating. After graduating, I would like to travel. I think it would be a good experience for me. Then, I would like to go to college to further educate myself in a science field, preferably astronomy.

It has been a struggle with lots of ups and downs and good and bad. But to be honest, it was all worth it. I am pretty sure I will be all worth it when I walk across that stage. Quite frankly, through high school, I really was not concerned about graduation. I just wanted to do what kids do and have fun. But when I came to Ombudsman, my whole mindset changed and made me a better person.

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