Ombudsman Student Profile: Kenan Hrvo (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Date: April 19, 2013

Kenan is a junior from District 87.

OES: You’ve been here about a month. How are things going?

KH: Good. At first I didn’t think three hours was going to be enough time to get my work done. But I’m doing fine. I get to work at my own pace and I don’t worry about a test on Friday.

OES: Instead of a test on Friday, you have a test after every lesson. You seem to like the system.

KH: The Friday tests were stressful. Now I take a test when I’m ready.

OES: Can you explain why it is less stressful?

KH: I can spend as much time as I need in the lesson before I take the practice test. I don’t have to take the mastery until I feel ready.

OES: Are there other aspects of the program you like?

KH: I like the quiet. In a normal class there are always people talking. I like the silence.

OES: How are the classes compared to what you were taking at the district?

KH: They seem pretty much the same. The algebra here is different, harder, but now I get it. English is the same.

OES: Do you have a favorite subject?

KH: History.

OES: Any particular type of history?

KH: I like learning about World War II.

OES: If you were asked to explain our program to someone who didn’t know anything about it, what would you say?

KH: I’d say it’s different here but after a while you get used to it and you might not want to leave. I know I got myself back on track to go back to my district.

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