Ombudsman Savannah Marks First Year (Savannah, Ga.)

Date: June 13, 2013

The first year of Ombudsman Savannah was filled with memorable happenings and achievements. Students enrolled in the four Savannah centers caught up on credits and improved their grades, and several seniors earned their high school diplomas with a goal to continue on to college.

“It’s been a successful first year at Ombudsman Savannah and I commend all our students for their determination and hard work,” said Alternative Education Administrator Tyree Simmons. “I am so pleased to see students excel in the classroom, grow as individuals and develop plans for the future.”

Throughout the year, in addition to the traditional classwork, the centers provided students with unique and relevant opportunities. Speakers from Savannah State University and Savannah Technical College discussed post-secondary goal-setting and planning, members of the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department provided students with valuable social skills training, and Mixed Martial Arts fighters and kick boxers stressed the importance of studying and excelling in school.

Students at Ombudsman Savannah Accelerated Middle School learned to be visual artists and explored the construction trades through art classes and Introduction to Construction and Occupational Safety and Hazard courses. At Savannah West, students learned the art of debate by participating in debate teams that discussed topics such as free government-funded healthcare and eliminating the space program.

Savannah Accelerated also hosted an end-of-the-year award ceremony and Center Director Donna Shrier presented the following student awards: Samuel Nudo won the President’s Award for Educational Excellence, the President’s Award for Educational Achievement was given to Breana Flowers and Kevin Rosier earned the American Citizenship Pin.

Members of the first graduating class from Ombudsman Savannah earned their high school diplomas. Before graduation we asked a few of the students to provide some insight into their Ombudsman experience and talk about their plans for the future. Joseph Breaker said he appreciated the overall support of the staff. Alexander Grant liked the flexible schedule and Todd Nelson enjoyed the classroom debates led by English teacher Ed DeVita. When asked if there were any differences between Ombudsman and his district school, Breaker said the work was both understandable and fast-paced, and Nelson said the one-on-one attention was important to him. Desi Davis said he wants to travel after graduation and go to college. Breaker has aspirations to be a mechanical engineer and Nelson wants to serve his country by enlisting in the Army. The graduates noted that teacher Fran Prudhomme and Center Director Rashada Tedder were both instrumental in their success.

“I want to personally congratulate all our graduates and acknowledge the center directors and teachers for their dedication in helping to ensure our students succeed,” said Simmons. “We look forward to another great year.”

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