NFL Linebacker Phillip Wheeler Visits Powder Springs Center (Powder Springs, Ga.)

Date: June 1, 2011
Phillip Wheeler with Powder Springs Students

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Phillip Wheeler poses for a group picture with Powder Springs students.

In May, NFL linebacker Phillip Wheeler made a special visit to the Powder Springs center to speak with students. Mr. Wheeler is a native of Columbus, Ga., and a fourth-year starting player with the Indianapolis Colts.

He spoke to the Powder Springs students about a number of subjects including choosing a role model, setting goals, and taking advantage of second chances by turning negative situations into positive outcomes.

Some of the students expressed their interest in playing professional football, and Mr. Wheeler informed them that even professional football players must have other goals and aspirations, because the longevity of playing football is limited. A graduate of Shaw High School and Georgia Tech, Mr. Wheeler  emphasized that education is an important foundation to help meet one’s objectives later in life.

When asked, Mr. Wheeler told students he considers his mother to be his role model. He said his mother was the most inspirational person in his life because she set good examples, expected the best from him and his brother, and supported him in meeting his personal goals.

Mr. Wheeler ended his visit by posing for pictures and signing autographs for the students.

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