Mundelein Center’s Service Learning Spring (Mundelein, Ill.)

Date: June 10, 2011

Jeremy KleinJay ParkJeremy Klein and Jay Park receiving their  Ombudsman diploma covers and graduation treats at the Mundelein Class of 2011 center graduation celebration.

Mundelein Center seniors Jeremy Klein and Jay Park (…now grads!) co-wrote the following essay about their experiences participating in center-coordinated service learning projects this spring.

By Jeremy Klein and Jay Park

Some people might ask why it is important to donate. Donating is important because some families are less fortunate than us and need our help. There are many organizations that are working towards helping the less fortunate people; such as The Ronald McDonald House Charities and Open Arms Mission. During the second semester of this school year, the Mundelein, Illinois Ombudsman Center collected donations for a number of charities in our area.

To start donating this is one of the simplest ways to do it, just every time you drink something out of a can take off the pull tab and save it. The Mundelein Center started collecting pull tabs from soda cans for donation to the Ronald McDonald House. As you save up a great amount of these you can take these to one of many location centers for the Ronald McDonald House Charities and donate them. RMHC takes all of these tabs collected and recycles them to collect money for them. They made many thousands of dollars last year doing it and it was very successful. They use this money to help families get their children proper health and dental care; they give out grants to non-profit organizations that also focus on the needs of children, and give out scholarships to students across the US.

There are many people in the world who are less fortunate than other people and don’t have any socks and that is where Socks for the Soul comes in. Socks for the Soul is run by the Open Arms Mission which helps individuals and families in their time of need by providing them with food, personal hygiene supplies and much more. The Open Arms Mission is dedicated to making the community a better place. Focused more locally, they have been successful in improving  the neighborhood.  The Socks for the Soul was a collection we took of socks devoted to keep feet of the families that need a little extra assistance warm. In just the last collection they were able to collect 4,800 pairs of socks.

Open Arms Mission also conducts a personal hygiene drive. The toiletries collection had the same concept of taking the normal things in life for granted, collecting hygienic supplies and distributing to families who really need it. I thought it was a great thing to do, to support a “cleaner” community.

Another collection done by the Open Arms Mission is the Fill the Milk Jug. The organization distributes about $2,000 worth of milk to the food pantries in Lake County and puts milk jugs around the towns to try and cover the costs of the milk. It was a great idea because pocket change that isn’t used for much in our hands could cover the milk for a few people.

So why is it good to give? Well it makes sure that people who are less fortunate get life’s essentials such as health care, food, and clothes. Along with the great feeling of donating you are also bettering someone’s life. Making sure that kid gets to go to school, making sure that family eats tonight, making sure that man has a shirt to wear to his job interview. There are many good things about giving, so why not start today?

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