Letter from a Parent of an Ombudsman Student

Date: June 3, 2010

We received this letter from a parent of a student who attended our West Accelerated center in Philadelphia.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we think this letter is the exception:

June 1, 2010

Dear Ombudsman Rebound affiliates,

Ombudsman has made a difference in our family by giving my son an opportunity to learn in a stable, organized and focused environment. Before Ombudsman, my son struggled with his neighborhood high school due to peer pressure, disruptive learning surroundings, unstructured and uncontrolled class room environment.

This made the learning process difficult and he lacked motivation to attend school. Since enrolling and attending Ombudsman, my son’s behavior and attitude have improved and he has excelled in his academic performance.

What I like personally about Ombudsman is that it allowed him to make his own schedule and work at his own pace. He had a clear understanding of what was expected of him and what he needed to be successful in obtaining his credits for graduation. My son was able to obtain the one-on-one tutoring and assistance with his school work, and help was readily available for him, regardless of the course at hand.

A specific example of how Ombudsman has made a difference in our family is watching my son have pride in his grades and no longer doubt his abilities. He now had pride in his work and has begun to look forward to his options regarding furthering his education and making plans for his future. My son has begun to set goals and make plans for his future. There is no more frustration and anxiety regarding his grades and his ability to complete his assignments.

Thank you Ombudsman for giving my son a second chance to earn his high school diploma and for giving him hopes and direction for the future.


Yvette Williams

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