Charter Leadership Academy (Phoenix and Tuscon, Ariz.)

Date: July 10, 2012

Charter Valencia Leadership Academy 2012

The Ombudsman Leadership Academy recognized approximately 180 outstanding students this month from our Arizona Charter schools. These students had a 95 percent attendance record and participated in a community service project which qualified them for attendance at the recognition workshop and luncheon. At the workshop we celebrated our individuality but also acknowledged the many similarities we all share.

Throughout the course of the morning, students openly discussed their successes as well as their frustrations with schedules, expectations and peers. We spoke of Ombudsman’s mission and far reaching goals, the Ombudsman team throughout the state, our schools, AIMS scores, graduation dates, graduation venues, and the number of students who would be impacted by our efforts. In addition, we discussed bullying and the number of people that are affected by one bullying incident in particular.

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Some students felt excited to participate in the program and expressed their desire to qualify again next year while the others were looking forward to graduating this year. Many students attended past leadership events and were inspired to continue to qualify. Recognizing students for positive efforts has been the driving force behind the Ombudsman Leadership Academy. Receiving an Ombudsman Leadership Academy T-shirt is a source of pride among our participants.

Students felt a great sense of appreciation for the generosity and kindness from participating restaurants. Each setting was ideal for our discussion on the importance of achieving a high school diploma. The activities presented at the workshop reinforced the idea of community, family and faculty as strong resources for our students. The workshop focuses on encouraging each student to give his or her best effort so they can accomplish their goals and pursue their dreams.

Leadership Poem

You’ve proven to be a leader at every turn
In the face of adversity, you’ve shown you can learn.
When failure occurs you find a way to turn it about
By trying your hardest and sticking it out.
Things can go wrong, they often will
And then turn around and head uphill.
Ombudsman enables the light to be lit
So whatever you do, Don’t Quit!
Never give up if the pace seems too slow
Continue to be patient, succeed, and grow.
Even when you take the hardest of hits
Remember an Ombudsman Leader never quits.
Stick to the fight, you’re ahead in the race
Finishing strong and earning your place.
Become a high school graduate, fulfill your mission
Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

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