Area MMA Fighters are a Smash Hit at West Center (Savannah, Ga.)

Date: June 14, 2013

Savannah West middle school students were treated to a visit from a quartet of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters and kick boxers. The fighters, who live and train in Savannah gave the students a demonstration of some of their training practices and some tips on the importance of embracing their studies.

“It was a great visit,” said Center Director Roland Foerster. “The kids really got a lot out of it and it was a nice opportunity for the students to have some fun while learning valuable lessons.”

“We really had a great time out here,” explained Mushin Corbbrey, owner, fighter and lead trainer at the Champions Training Center in Savannah. “Part of our mission is to reach out to communities and try to make a positive impact. Today was an example of that. We are really committed to making a difference and to working with the Ombudsman program to assist in the students’ development.”

Ombudsman English teacher Edward DeVita, who also owns The Savannah Sports Monthly sports newspaper, arranged the visit to the school with an even bigger opportunity in mind. On the heels of their well-received visit, it was announced that the Training Center will offer a free month of training each month to the Savannah West middle school student who earns the best grades and works the hardest. These students will also be honored each month in The Savannah Sports Monthly. In addition, DeVita will be working with the fighters to set up a structured Physical Education program in the fall to offer students physical training or an activity from the fighters three times a week on the Savannah West campus.

“We’ve known Ed for a number of years through The Savannah Sports Monthly,” continued Corbbrey. “When he asked us to come out we knew that we would be in for a special day with a program that we would want to become more involved with. We are excited to explore these possibilities and see what we can put together.”

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