2013 Charter Leadership Academy (Phoenix and Tuscon, Ariz.)

Date: April 1, 2013

Charter Central Leadership Academy 2013

Last month 120 students attended leadership events in the greater Phoenix area and in Tucson. With the community support of Peter Piper Pizza, The Grand Buffet and La Fuente restaurants, the Ombudsman schools were able to provide a meaningful experience for our deserving students.

Each event began with a word search about Ombudsman and their centers, followed by prizes. A group photo followed the distribution of “I’m In” T-shirts. These are displayed at each of our schools to recognize students who have a 90-95 percent attendance record, have participated in a community service project, and have exhibited leadership qualities.

The students then participated in team building exercises, interpersonal experiences, and an exploration of identifying bullying behavior. The discussion following each of these events was inspiring and heartwarming. As we look forward to next year, we hope to find the same level of participation and enthusiasm from our student body.

It is the goal of the Ombudsman Leadership Academy to inspire all students to stay focused on attending school each day. Community service whether at school, home, or in the community, expands our students’ horizons and enables them to feel the pulse of the world around them. Many of our students displayed initiative and compassion as they worked toward helping others.

Each year our students bring to the leadership events a commitment to earn the privilege of attending again next year or the excitement of facing their high school graduation at the end of the year. One faculty member from each school attends and oversees the participation of his or her students. This endorsement from the school’s director or faculty member is significant. It is rewarding to hear students say, “I was here last year” or “I’m going to be here next year!”

As students leave they are presented with a framed poem congratulating them on their leadership, successful attendance record, and active participation in community service. The students exhibit a feeling of accomplishment and wear their T- shirts with pride.

In a perfect Ombudsman world… all of our students will be able to attend the 2014 leadership events!


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