Program Options

Ombudsman offers program options customized to meet school districts’ needs for alternative education, credit recovery, dropout prevention and dropout recovery for middle and high school students who, for a variety of reasons, haven’t been successful in a traditional education setting. Some students lack the number of credits typical for their age group; some are off track to graduate due to issues such as poor attendance or academics. Students who have been suspended, expelled or adjudicated can also benefit from Ombudsman, as can those who are English Language Learners and students who have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

Ombudsman’s options offer flexible class schedules and individual support for academic, social and behavioral success so that students can progress through school to earn their high school diplomas and be prepared to make positive choices about the future.

Alternative Education: Programs for students who have been suspended, expelled or adjudicated;

Credit Recovery: Programs for students who lack the number of credits typical for their age group;

Dropout Prevention:  Programs for students who are at risk of dropping out of school;

Dropout Recovery: Programs that identify, engage and re-enroll students who have already left school so they can return to earn a high school diploma;

Ombudsman PLUS: Alternative education program for at-risk middle and high school students who have challenging educational and behavioral needs that may keep them from being successful in a traditional classroom setting, but who can benefit from intensive behavioral support, comprehensive wrap-around services, rigorous academics and ongoing support for students who are re-integrated into their district schools.

Wraparound Services: Many Ombudsman programs offer wraparound services such as counseling and support from social workers to help students navigate challenging issues that they may face;

Post-secondary Preparation: All students receive post-secondary preparation.  Ombudsman students participate in college and career fairs, job shadowing, internship and mentorship opportunities, and have opportunities to perform community and volunteer service so that they experience the range of options available to them in the future.

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