Forming a Partnership

According to the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET), a child drops out of high school every nine seconds — a statistic districts across the nation are working to improve. Together, we can create a customized program for alternative education, dropout prevention and credit recovery based on your district’s student population.

All school districts benefit from improved student outcomes, keeping students on district rolls and providing an education option that is both effective and cost-efficient as they fulfill their mission to graduate students ready for college and career.

As district leaders seek to expand their continuum of services, they seek options that are proven to be educationally sound and fiscally responsible. Students who attend Ombudsman remain on their district’s rolls, allowing districts to benefit from improved graduation and attendance rates as well as to retain funding streams.

Accountability and Transparency

Ombudsman is responsible for:

  • Identifying, qualifying and employing instructional and other staff;
  • Identifying, securing and preparing facilities where the learning centers are located;
  • Identifying, recruiting and re-enrolling students who have dropped out of school (dropout recovery programs);
  • Providing all instructional materials, student and staff computers and work stations – everything required to make the Ombudsman center a warm, welcoming place where students can focus on learning; and
  • Reporting student outcomes to district leadership, staff, board members and other stakeholders.

Want to learn more about how Ombudsman works with school districts? We invite you to contact the Ombudsman vice president of business development for your area.

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