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From One Dad to Another: Tips From a Teen Dad (Ombudsman Chicago)

I was 14 years old when I found out I was going to be a father. I was nervous to tell my mom, I was scared of what the future would hold and I knew there would be a lot ...

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Operation Graduation 2015: How Ombudsman Helped Me (Dekalb, Ill.)

Before coming to Ombudsman I was facing a lot of hardships and was making things harder on myself then they already were by making bad decisions. The biggest of my problems were bad influences, substance abuse, poverty, severe depression, and ...

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Operation Graduation 2015: Stephanie Tsoutsos (Chicago Northwest)

Operation Graduation 2015: Esteban Orozco (AZ Charter Central)

High School, the place where you decide to start planning for your career and getting serious in life. For me, High School was not the best four years of my life. Many things happened in my life from 9th to ...

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Operation Graduation 2015: Nysa Martinez (DeKalb, Ill.)

My name is Nysa Martinez. This is my fifth year as a high school student. For three years, I attended the DeKalb high school; towards the end of what would’ve been my senior year, I transferred to Ombudsman- after waiting ...

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Operation Graduation 2015: Mercedes Tikkun (DeKalb, Ill.)

I’ve been with Ombudsman a little over two years, and I can finally say my time is here. I’m a high school graduate! It’s exciting because I never thought I’d ever get to say those words. Without the help of ...

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Operation Graduation 2015: Hipolito Hernandez (Phoenix)

Hello…My name is Hipolito Hernandez, and I am from West Charter. In lieu of David Letterman retiring this year, I thought I’d start out with the TOP 5 things I will NOT miss at Ombudsman. I am sure the graduates ...

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Operation Graduation 2015: Destiny Wright (Chicago)

Determination to overcome life’s obstacles is echoed by 20-year-old West Side native, Destiny Wright. When Destiny came to Ombudsman in September 2014, she had only 4.5 of the 24 credits needed to earn a CPS high school diploma. Losing her ...

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Operation Graduation 2015: Elijah Hamilton (Chicago)

For many Ombudsman students, the journey to receiving their diploma has been complicated. West Side native, 18-year-old Elijah Hamilton, stopped going to school twice and attributes a large portion of his success in overcoming life’s obstacles to the support system ...

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Operation Graduation 2015: Kate Speare (North Harlem, Ill.)

These past few months at Ombudsman have truly helped prepare me for life as a young adult in the real world. Ombudsman gave me an amazing experience that widened my knowledge and gave me the tools to succeed. Before Ombudsman, ...

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