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Operation Graduation Essay: Before coming to Ombudsman I lacked motivation (DeKalb, Ala.)

I’ve learned a lot of things in my life that have helped me grow as a person. One thing I’ve learned while attending Ombudsman is that self motivation is very important. Even though I am still working on being able ...

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Operation Graduation Essay: “I started looking forward to going to school” (Limestone, Ala.)

When I first moved to Alabama, I couldn’t attend my junior year of high school because of family issues. So, I had a bad attitude for school because I knew it was going to take me an extra year to ...

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Operation Graduation Essay: “The Teachers are Amazing” (Limestone, Ala.)

I’ve been at West Limestone from K-12. There may be some good teachers there, but I didn’t feel like I was really learning anything. I went through a lot in the time that I was there. It made the distractions ...

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Operation Graduation: A Fifth Grade Drop-Out Who Overcame the Odds (Tucson, Ariz.)

My name is Stephanie Salgado. I’m 22 years old and was born in Bakersfield, California. I was raised in Tucson, Arizona until I was nine. My mom took my older sister and me out of school to go live with ...

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Operation Graduation Essay: “Earning a diploma means a means a milestone in life for me.” (Chicago)

Earning a diploma means a milestone in life for me. This is really the end of my childhood life and the beginning of adulthood and my career. This diploma means success, I went to three different high schools and I ...

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Operation Graduation Essay: My teachers lifted my spirits and pushed me forward (Limestone, Ala.)

My name is Sarah, and this is my story. I went to Elkmont High School during my freshmen and sophomore year. It was a struggle to on a day to day basis. I struggled with my grades, homework, and the ...

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Operation Graduation Essay: Dropping out was the worst mistake of my life (Limestone, Ala.)

Operation Graduation Essay: I came here because conventional school didn’t work for me (Limestone, Ala.)

At first I was reluctant about coming to Ombudsman. I knew some kids who went here who were just troublemakers, a lot like I was at one time. I just really didn’t want to be caught up in that, because ...

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Operation Graduation Essay: I Wanted a Better Future for My Son (Limestone, Ala.)

I came to Ombudsman because I got pregnant my junior year. I got through most of my junior year without missing any school from morning sickness, because I didn’t have it luckily. My grades were not the best to begin ...

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Operation Graduation Essay: I Didn’t Know if I Wanted to Finish School at All (Dundee, Ill.)

Ombudsman has honestly saved my life as far as where I stand in my future. Before Ombudsman I was in and out of hospitals, attended a rehab facility, and was contemplating whether I even wanted to finish school at all. ...

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